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Residential Products

Deadbolt Installation Broomfield, Colorado


I stock this particular Schlage deadbolt on my truck in various finishes. With its medium-duty grade 2 commercial rating, it's the perfect lock for both heavy duty residential and medium duty commercial applications.

Lock Installation Broomfield, Colorado

Multipoint Lock Hardware

Multipoint hardware features tongues or bolts that are engaged by pulling up on a lever and turning a knob to lock them in place. It's a great system until it fails, which often happens after 10-15 years of heavy use. Sourcing and replacing this hardware is one of Lockstar's specialties. 

Keyless Lock Installation Broomfield, Colorado

Keyless Access

I am a huge fan of Schlage's line of residential keyless access, featuring everything from simple electronic deadbolts to WiFi & Bluetooth enabled smart locks that you can control from your mobile device.

Security Door Installation Broomfield, Colorado

Security Door Hardware

A large percentage of the ornamental iron security doors in our area are configured specifically for these Marks mortise locksets, which wear out after twenty years or so. I can replace them. Most of the existing hardware is bright brass, which was a popular finish when they were installed, but I can also get them in other finishes. 

Sliding Door Lock Installation Broomfield, Colorado

Sliding Door Locks

This brilliant spring-loaded security and childproofing device replaces or augments the latch on your sliding door. It also discourages lifting and prying of the door for forced entry. 


Mobile Locksmith Lockstar Mobile Broomfield Colorado

...and so much more!

Over time, I have curated an elite selection of suppliers from whom I can obtain the quality manufacturer hardware that we need to complete your repair or upgrade. Many of these parts are available locally or within just a few days' shipping time. Let me know what you want, and I'll source it for you. 

Commercial Products

Commercial Lock Installation Lockstar Mobile Boulder Colorado


One of the most common standbys in commercial hardware is the basic lever. I provide commercially-rated levers in multiple finishes and a variety of functions. My go-to lock for medium duty commercial applications is the Schlage ALX series, and their ND series is phenomenal for heavy use and abuse institutional applications.

Safe Locksmith Denver Colorado


Need to lock it up? Lockstar recommends the American Security Products (Amsec) line of safes. Not only can I help you select the safe to perfectly secure your stuff and provide input on such things as whether to choose an electronic keypad or manual dial, I also offer combination change services. 

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 11.14.05 AM.png

Standalone Keyless Access

I'm sure I don't need to convince anyone of the advantages of keyless access. I can provide anything from a single-code mechanical workhorse to battery-operated electronic locks that allow complex scheduling and fob access. These keypads come in the form of fully integrated levers but can be added to exit devices and mortise and storefront locks as well. 

Commercial Door Locks Denver Colorado

Exit Devices

Exit devices--also commonly referred to as panic bars--allow easy egress from a space when mounted on an out-swinging door and are required by many fire and life safety codes. I have field-tested a large selection of these devices and have come to depend on Von Duprin and Marks, both of whom manufacture devices that will work on hollow metal doors as well as narrow-stile storefront doors. 

Commercial Locksmith Boulder and Denver Colorado

Door Closers

No matter how good the lock is, it won't work unless the door is closed! I sell and install LCN surface-mounted door closers to keep the weather out and the door shut. 


Business Security Locks Denver Colorado

...and so much more!

Whether you need a replacement storefront lock, a high-security cylinder, a cabinet lock or an exit alarm, my trusted suppliers have a direct line to the best manufacturers. Let's work together to find the perfect solution. 

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